The presence of large carnivores is increasing throughout Europe and this is often associated to some impacts on the human activities. Such impacts, if not adequately and promptly managed, can lead to conflicts that are often very difficult to solve. In consideration of the difficulties that some administrations and the local communities are experiencing in particular areas of Europe, following the increase in large carnivores detected in the last decades, the European Commission has launched a project for opening spaces of dialogue and understanding among different parties at different levels interested in the presence of large carnivores in their areas. Within such framework, the Istituto di Ecologia Applicata, has been awarded a contract for establishing stakeholder platforms in several European countries.

The platforms are safe spaces of dialogue where the stakeholders share interests, without expecting to change values and/or positions, but joining efforts to find concrete solutions for improving the current situation with regards to carnivore  presence and management. We are currently working in Spain, Italy, Romania and have just started in France, Germany and Sweden. We act as neutral guarantees of a dialogue space, facilitated by highly qualified professional facilitators, and support the groups in developing solutions that can be implemented as pilot through the funds made available by the EC.

To know more about the platforms and the areas where we work, please visit the web page.