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    Consultant for Monitoring & Evaluation

    Project: LIFE21-NAT-IT-LIFE WILD WOLF/101074417 Concrete actions for maintaining wolves wild in anthropogenic landscapes of Europe

    Title: Monitoring and Evaluation

    Contract Type: Individual Contract (IC)

    Duty Station: Home-based

    Duration of Assignment: from 1/9/23 to 1/8/28

    Within the framework of the project “101074417 LIFE21NAT-IT-WILD WOLF”, co-funded by the European Commission, and which IEA carries out in cooperation with 17 associated beneficiaries and for which it plays the role of coordinating beneficiary, Work Package 6 includes the monitoring and evaluation of project outcomes and impacts, and the following the activities will be needed in order to achieve the foreseen objectives:


    The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Life WildWolf team ensuring that high-level quality tools and frameworks are developed and implemented; meaningful and verifiable data is collected for the monitoring and evaluation of the projects.

    The specific objectives below describe the overall scope of work


    T6.1 Development of a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

    • Set up a system for monitoring project implementation and impacts, with a section with details about the data to be collected for analyses and how the results will be presented
    • Definition of SMART indicators and monitoring/evaluation practices and frameworks to be used by the regional/territorial actors
    • Definition of indicators and monitoring/evaluation practices for supporting the implementation of the project outputs into other regional/territorial areas;
    • Contribution to the definition of Key Project Indicators as required by the European Commission;
    • Provision of methodology for data collection and analysis, creation of an empty table that provides the template for indicator reporting, with rows and columns for listing the indicators, data values and time of reporting
    • Identification of project outputs (results from the technical implementation of the project actions) and project outcomes (detected on a longer-term basis and form the real impact of the project on the conservation status of the target species);
    • identification of impacts at short, medium and long term
    • Creation of a timeline of activities and data to be collected, Roles and responsibilities
    • Definition of KPIs and their updates in cooperation with the Technical Coordinator
    • Development of a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

    T6.3 Project outcome assessment

    – a comparative analysis of the impacts and outcomes of the different project tasks and workpackages

    – Analysis of project’s secondary impacts at ecological, social and economic levels


    • Development of a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan (MS21) by December 2023, consolidated and agreed upon among all partners by October 2023
    • List of indicators and framework template for collection during the project implementation
    • A brief mid term report to monitor project progress for evaluation of the way forward to be shared with all beneficiaries (April 2025)
    • final Monitoring and evaluation report with results by July 2027, in EN and in digital format only
    1. Consultant profile

    The consultant(s) need(s) to have the following knowledge and experience:

    • Demonstrated experience (minimum 3 years) developing more than one of objectives described
    • Demonstrated experience in client-facing research advisory roles;
    • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in methodology development, data analysis, and data management, both quantitative and qualitative;
    • Experience (minimum 3 years) in European projects


    The consultant(s) need(s) to have the following skills:

    • Solid skills in research and methodology design
    • Advanced strategic thinking and analytical skills
    • Proven organizational and inter-personal skills, and ability to work in a multi-cultural team environment
    • Ability to work under pressure and according to tight deadlines

    The consultant(s) need(s) to have the following characteristics:

    • Be able to promptly respond to calls (within 5 business days);
    • Be able to accommodate short turnaround time
    • Be able to analyse evidence gaps and learning needs of programs/projects and provide advises and suggestions independently of the requests;

    Language requirements : Proficiency in spoken and written English language


    To apply:

    The applicants must send the CV together with a hypothetical work plan and provide a financial offer to the Institute of Applied Ecology, project coordinator : by 01/8/2023 at 10 AM CEST

    For more information please contact:

    The offer will be evaluated on a best value for money basis (technical and financial values) and the selection will be based upon unquestionable judgement made by an hoc named evaluation committee.